Happy Spring everyone!

We hope to see you all very soon! | 4/7/2023

Rule Changes for 2023 Season

  • Helmets are required, and must meet specifications outlined in the NKA Rule Book, Section Helmets are subject to tech during Pre-Race Tech inspection. 
  • Weights must be painted white and labeled with the kart number.  Per NKA Rule 10.4.10---All weight added to meet minimum kart/driver weight requirements shall be bolted and safety wired to the kart with a minimum 5/16 or 8mm through bolt. Weight over 7 pounds will require a minimum single 3/8 bolt, or two 5/16 bolts. All bolts are to use double nuts, with threads of at least 1/4" still visible. Drilling and using cotter pin/safety wire in addition to the double nuts is required. Weight mounted to the seat requires a metal washer more than 2X in diameter to the bolt size to be used to prevent the bolt from pulling thru the seat.
  • Fuel Tanks –No metal or Aluminum tanks allowed in gas classes(due to not being able to see they are empty) 
  • Air Filters: Stock Green air filter 555729 or AFR100. Prefilter allowed. The are available & for sale at the tech shed! This is for Novice Class only!