Published 16 April 2023FKA Rules

Our Rules & Regulations book is available for download.

  • The Forks Karting Association follows NKA Rules with FKA exceptions. The FKA Race director will have a copy of the rules at the track and can help you with any rule questions or interpretations

  • The purpose of the FKA Rule Book is to add clarity and consistency to some of the more frequently questioned rules, and also notes local track options that have been exercised to better serve our members

  • The FKA Rule Book is in no way complete and is not intended to be a replacement for the rules and regulations outlined in the NKA Rule Book. It is merely an informational aid to provide orderly conduct of our racing events

  • The NKA Rule Book can be downloaded from this link -

  • Pre-Race Tech Check List - Important

  • Competition age is the highest age of the driver during the calendar year. (January 1st thru December 31st) Also, a driver with an attained age of 15 may move to a competition age of 16. Attained age is the age of the driver on the day of competition. During the driver's attained age, changes from one age group to another, the driver may race in either age group. Once the driver moves to the higher age group they can no longer race in the lower age group. If a driver moves up in mid-year, any points he has earned in the lower classes do not move up with him. The option year is designed to give the Junior drivers flexibility of class due to variances in driver weight and driver ability.

A complete chart showing birth dates and classes your age group is allowed to run in is listed in the Rules & Regulations Book.