Ron Thompson Memorial Race


Ron Thompson suffered a brain aneurysm in January 2011, and later died due to complications. The following is written by Ron’s friend and former business partner Lon Kvasager.


Ron’s Karting experience started at the early age of 12. One of Ron’s first karts had hard rubber front tires, which he purchased for $13. Ron scavenged an old 11⁄2 horse Briggs engine he bought from a junk dealer to power the first kart. Later that year, he acquired a 2 stroke Power Products engine which after much testing in the local church parking lot (in the Winter) was found to have a cracked block, didn’t run well and was scrapped. The next series of karts progressively got faster and more sophisticated, some of the karts include Fox, Bug and Margay powered by McCulloch, BM and Comet engines. The Forks Karting Association was started in the early 70’s and raced in EGF at Skyline Raceway, which Ron played an active part.


Ron owned and operated TMF Raceway and Hobbies along with partner Lon Kvasager from 1984 until it became part of Gateway Sports in the late 90’s which Ron ran solo the last 11 years until his death. TMF staged the start of organized Kart racing in the Grand Forks area in the 80’s, the Forks Karting Association was reorganized and racing resumed at the Grand Forks Speedway in 1986. Ron was extensively involved with Emerado Speedway in the 90’s and Forks Karting Speedway, which has been the home of the FKA since the opening season in 2000.


Ron was the guy behind the scenes, and would do his best to keep everyone on the track and enjoying the sport of Karting. Ron has touched us all in some means, either by helping lay the groundwork for the track we now race on, or by helping with kart sales & parts. But the biggest reason of all – by being your and my friend.


Ron, you are truly missed.